Saturday, March 01, 2014

About shopping

Hello everyone, in this post we're going to talk about shopping:
  • In Spain, the clothes are more expensive, that's if you compare the same kind of shops;
  • In Italy, the  clothes have best quality, even if you can buy them at a lower price (this advice does not work for chinese stores XD);
  • There's a little difference between Spanish and Italian sizes. In Italy you're 4 sizes bigger than in Spain, it means that if you fit in a 40 in Spain, in Italy you'll fit in a 44, it's  very traumatic for Spanish people, but a great feeling for Italians, especially for girls! =P
  • In italy you can find people wearing clothes with their own flag (Italian proud XD).. meanwhile in Spain it would not be considered so agreeable to wear a t-shirt with the Spanish flag (especially in Catalunya! :D ).
Well, tell me if you come up with other differences about shopping :)

Edit: It doesn't matter if you're Italian, Spanish, black, white, green or Martian, wherever you come from, if you go shopping with your girlfriend you're going to wait for ages while she's trying the whole shop! XD

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