Wednesday, March 05, 2014

It's time to celebrate!!!

Today I'm gonna talk about festivities and the differences between Italy and Spain about them.

The first one I'm going to talk about is Christmas, you may think it's the same all over the world, anxious children waiting for their gifts on Christmas Eve, someone get them on the 24th, someone(like in Italy) on the 25th, but it's not always true, let's see why.

In Italy we have “Babbo Natale” (Santa Claus) who carries the presents, well, actually I discovered some years ago that it's not true! It was all a big lie set up by my parents, so traumatic :(
Well, let's go back to Babbo Natale, you write a letter to him with all your wishes and send it to the North Pole, hoping that you've been good enough to receive those things, and if you have, he takes big gifts at your house, he parks on your roof his sledge guided by flying reindeers, in order to get in passing through your chimney.

Santa Claus with his flying sledge

Almost two weeks later, on January the 6th, more joy for the little children, 'cause “La Befana” is coming!
Yes!Because on Epiphany Eve an old, evil, poor, naughty witch, called Befana, will come to your house riding a flying broom( yes like Harry Potter in “Quidditch” ), taking candies to the good children and pieces of coal(actually made out of black colored sugar!) to the bad ones. Those candies come in a big sock ("La calza della befana") and then children spend all the day trying to increase their diabetes eating as much as they can! Glorious childhood!

La befana

In Spain is more or less the opposite, on Christmas day children will get candies or some small gift, depending on family traditions, but on the 6th of January they will get the main prize!
But as you may have guessed, it's not Santa Claus who do this, and not even the Befana, so who?!
The answer is “The three Kings/Wise Men”, in Spain they're called “Los Reyes”.
Los Reyes do the same as Babbo Natale does, they deliver you gifts, but of course you must have been a good boy/girl, and have written the letter with your wishes.

Los Reyes

Well, this is all I had to say about Christmas, but staying in December, there's another difference.
I don't know why, but what everyone calls “April fools' day” (in Italy “Pesce d'Aprile”) which is on April the 1st , in Spain is in December, exactly on 28th and it is called “Día de los inocentes”, the essence is the same, people making fool out of someone else, just they are on different days!

Let me know if you know other differences of this kind, or maybe about something else, Byee!!! :)

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