Friday, March 07, 2014

Let's go to school!!! - In Spain!

As announced, now we're going to talk about the Spanish education. It is divided in three levels, from lower one to the upper one.
The levels are:

  1. "Primaria": 6 to  11 y.o--> general subjects (General culture, Maths, languages...);
  2. "Secundaria" (ESO): 11 to 15/16 y.o--> General subjects (Better explained);
  3. "Bachillerato": 16 to 18y.o Specific subjects --> Final exam --> University
The first two are pretty basic, so we explain the third one, the most important, "El Bachillerato".
You can choose different kinds of bachillerato according to your goal, there are scientific one, humanistic this depends on the degree that you want to do later in the University. But anyway the qualification you get at the end of the course, doesn't allow you to actually be specialized in "something", this means that you won't have a specific career with that bachillerato(you have to go to college to get that), hence if you want to have a profession (and you don't want to go to college) then you have to do a professional training course called "ciclo formativo" or "formaciĆ³n profesional" (FP), the FP allows you to get a specific certificate once you finish it. There are many kinds of FP, there is one for each field, like healthy sciences: dietist, nursing assistant, dental hygienist or technicals ones like electrician, chemestry, business, marketing and so on.
The good thing about FP is that you also start working (making an internship) so you also learn the professional part, not just reading books in school =)

Which one would you pick??

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