Thursday, March 27, 2014

How Italians see Spaniards

Hello everyone, today we're going to talk about sterotypes, in this case, how Italians(or people in general) see Spaniard according to the most famous cliches.

When someone thinks about Spain and Spanish people maybe first thing that will come to his mind would be bulls and the so called "Spanish-style bullfighting"(Corrida in Spain), This practice where there's a "torero" fighting with a bull into an arena, with the final purpose of kill it with a sword.

A torero and a bull in the arena during a corrda
Actually this practice is decreasing of popularity, and in the only region of Spain I've been so far, Catalunya, the Corrida has been banned, so for example, you won't see any Spanish-style bullfighting in Barcelona. Generally in Northern Spain it is not so popular as it is in the Southern part of the country, so for these reasons I wouldn't recognize the entire country with this practice.

Maybe the second thing you would think about Spain is "Flamenco" a form of Spanish folk music and dance, made with those beautiful dresses, and in your mind you could think Spanish girl go around wearing it, but well, you will get disappointed because I've seen no one using it so far!

A flamenco dancer performing

Again, this is a pretty common stereotype about Spain, but this dance is mainly practiced in Southern Spain, in the autonomous community of Andalusia.

Other cliches about Spain are about food: paella and sangria, Who doesn't know about them?! :D

Actually this time I have to agree with the cliche, because these two things are really common, and if I can say, so damn good!!!

The last one I'm going to talk about is a funny one, and it's just about the language. Italian and Spanish are pretty similar languages, but there's something Italians notice about a Spaniard speaking, the use of the letter "S" a the end of the words. That's why Italians try to make fun of the Spanish speaker impressing their language putting a "S" a the end of each Italian word, in fact, Italians usually say: "How hard could be to speak Spanish, you just have to put an "S" at the end of the words!"

So for example the sentence: "Hi, how are you?" that in Italian is translated as: "Ciao, come stai?", in the Italian-Spanish impressed style would be: "Ciaos, comes stais?", and that sounds pretty ridiculous since in the "real" Spanish language it's like: "Hola, ¿cómo estás?"

Well, these are the most common steretypes that came to my mind, as a said, most of the cliches are based on true facts or traditions, but you can't judge an entire country and all the people, just basing on those. If you really have the chance to visit another country, probably you would realize that you were wrong thinking those things, and you will enjoy the discovery of a new culture!

Tell us if you know other stereotypes, or if you have some story about them, Byee :)

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  1. When I think about Spain, I think about; The bright stunning colours, landscape, architecture, Bohemians, Spanish Guitar, Flamenco, Pamplona Bull Run, Spanish Bullfighting, Antoni Gaudi, Eusebi Guell, Salvador Dali, FCB, and alot more. However, this is not me stereotyping, this is me visualising a place I have so much passion for, as you may guess from my blog. I am a Writer, that specialises in the Spanish Culture/History and I love every minute of learning more. I am hoping to go to Barcelona next year, but eventually wish to see as much of Spain as possible. Thank you for this blog you have written, well put.